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August 2013



At the Epicenter of a Navigational Nightmare

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Navigation Nightmares

The streets in our neighborhood reflect the kind of short-sighted planning that many of us assume in our own lives; that or Dr. Suess was a member of the construction committee. I know this because my home is either the first home on Rollingwood Drive or the last home on Rollingwood Drive, but regardless of which view one takes – Woodland Valley Drive begins/ends just a few steps from my driveway. The kicker? We do not live on a corner.

Throughout the day, the kids and I watch from our table in the schoolroom as cars drive back and forth, and back and forth again, trying to figure out what happened to the rest of Rollingwood Drive, and how they ended up on Woodland Valley Drive, when absolutely no turns were made.

Without a “local” to help them navigate, they would never know to follow Woodland Valley Drive, take a right on Laurel Springs, and then take a left back on to Rollingwood Drive (but not a right, because that is East Lake Drive), they would drive in a strange corkscrew until they either gave up or ended up in front of our home once more. My friends still get lost, and they have been driving here for four years now.

Last year our member owned, and governed, neighborhood decided to clarify the street situation by strategically placing this sign in the green space to the left of our driveway. Now, instead of cars stopped in front of our home, they drive just a few more yards, stopping just beneath the new street sign, where they can be seen aggressively swiping their smart phones or laying hands on their Garmin while waiting for it to recompute.

Our street signs' relevancy factor took a downward turn.

Due to a recent drought, and the subsequent instability of trees and branches throughout our forested lots, our street signs’ relevancy factor took a downward turn for those of us living on Rollingwood Drive, with Woodland Valley Drive taking on more heavenly aspirations.

Woodland Valley Drive & Rollingwood Drive

I daresay the signage is no less helpful than before – at least for others. Personally, I am thankful that, by their third or fourth time around, I have plenty of time to record the license plates of strange vehicles, and my zoom lens works magnificently through the front windows.

It is so nice living at the epicenter of a navigational nightmare.

Heather Sanders


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