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September 2013



Creating Sentences Like a Weirdo!

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Creating Sentences Like a Weirdo

Our local homeschool cooperative classes begin on Monday. I am teaching three courses from The Write Foundation: Creating Sentences, Sentence to Paragraph, and the 2nd half of the Paragraph Writing course I began last year.

I’m a wee bit overcommitted, with a smidgeon of giddiness, and a touch of insanity, which is probably the rule, not exception, for most homeschooling mommas who work from home.

The Write Foundation's "Creating Sentences"

Of the three classes I’m teaching,
– an entry level writing curriculum newly released this summer, is the most exciting.

I’ve unofficially nicknamed this class of 3rd and 4th graders my “Electric Chihuahuas” because this 3:00 – 4:00 pm time slot is better known as the witching hour; where teachers lose all dignity trying to engage and teach a room full of fidgety, yet brain-dead, little people.

As I am from the South, I done recognize this ain’t nothin’ a cattle prod or duct tape can’t take care of.

Also, strike the above sentence from your mind as double negatives, unruly contractions, vulgar conjugations, and ending sentences in prepositions will not happen on my watch.

Creating Sentences Weekly Student Gradesheet

I created a separate gradesheet for weekly accountability, affixing it in the folder students’ use to turn in their previous week’s work.

This worksheet gets updated weekly so students and parents can keep an eye on work completion and grades.

Creating Sentences Weekly Student Schedule & Checklist

Wednesday I wrapped up preparations for the class instruction and activity for Lesson #1, an alphabetical order and dictionary refresher class.

Then, I took the curriculum’s 5-day plan, squashed it into a 4-day plan (Tuesday-Friday), and created a Lesson #1 Checklist for students and parents to use while planning out the rest of the school week’s daily assignments.

Lesson #1 Class Idea for Alphabetical Order

Using Google images (Don’t worry – I’m not selling graphics; they are one-time use only.), I created several a-bit-larger-than-coaster-size images to accompany the lesson’s suggestion for an alphabetical order review.

Individual students will hold one animal “coaster” each while another student physically adjusts their bodies in the correct order.

The class will be ridiculously loud, and nothing short of organized chaos, but throughout the process, kids will walk away with the skills necessary to complete their homework.


We may even learn a new word, or two.

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