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December 2013



Backs, Birthdays, Blessings, Business and a Babe

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Backs, Birthdays, Boys & Business

It is Christmas Eve. I need to wrap gifts, wash clothes, get off the couch and clean up, but I can’t–at least, not on my own. Why? Because I tweaked my back…again.

My back is weak for several reasons, but suffice it to say I have not properly cared for it since I injured it in 2009. Those who have dealt with slipped or bulging discs know the ease of reoccurrence without proper strengthening exercises. I plan to change that as soon as I can move on my own without squealing as pain is a powerful motivator. Yes, I’ve said and meant that before and still didn’t do anything.

I am the definition of a moron.

Synonyms for moron (yes, I looked this up): fool, idiot, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod, nitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, butthead, flake, lamer, lamebrain, zombie, nerd, peabrain, birdbrain, scissorbill, jughead, mouth-breather, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, hoser, schmuck, bozo, boob, turkey, schlep, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck, mook

Pick one. I’m it.

Once I heal, my Uncle Don recommended a daily regimen of sit-ups before getting out of bed every morning. Jeff’s brother Mark suggested anaerobic planking exercises (No, I’m sorry, there will not be any photographic evidence). Both sound reasonable, but for now, I have a strong muscle relaxer and limited pain meds since I’d rather feel pain than nausea.

B-b-b-b-birthday Boy!

On to more interesting subject matter–my baby boy is ELEVEN as of the 21st! Having a Christmas birthday means most of the celebration occurs mid-January, but he did get to open a few gifts and select where we ate dinner (Buffalo Wild Wings) while we were out of town seeing Jeff’s side of the family.

Kenny reading Mer's birthday card.

Has anyone noticed that birthday gifts for boys get exceedingly more expensive as they age? HOLY MOLY!

Kenny’s birthday bit into our fuel budget. Not wanting to charge gas, and since our monetary gifts from my Uncle Don and Aunt Betty specified we could NOT use it to fuel our tanks, but instead to buy something *FUN*, we took a tip from Dave Ramsey and got creative; so, if you saw a couple siphoning gas from parked cars from Huntsville to Dallas, TX, it WAS NOT US!

Boys Will be Boys

As I was somewhat confined to the couch in the hotel room, Jeff and the kids managed the rest, including various activities such as dancing, singing, wrestling, and late night push-up and planking challenges. Oh, and my girls? They are not exactly what one would call dependable bellhops.

I will now interrupt this blog post for a special message for General Motors. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lumbar support and heating feature on the passenger chair of our 2005 Chevy Suburban. While we have had recent issues with the ‘burb (at 170,000+ miles this is to be expected), and keeping it fueled is the equivalent of a college education, I WAS ABLE TO TRAVEL with a hurt back due to this feature.

No, this is not an advertisement, but it could be if you would like to donate a new Chevy Suburban to our family. I would promote it online into infinity (I did this for Ford in 2008), and we would drive the heck out of it. I’m just sayin’…


Traveling with Jeff and the kids serves as another reminder of how much I enjoy our time together– which is a good thing, because traveling for hours in a closed environment has potential to be explosive otherwise.

On our drive up Saturday evening, Emelie finished editing our 12 Days of Christmas Break video; you can read the post here. We had several good laughs at the outtakes–some of which Em worked into the video itself.

Jeff, Gram, Mark, Mer & Em

Jeff’s brother Mark and his wife, Denise, were in from California, and his Mom and Step-dad were in from Missouri. This meant endless family photos (SMILE!), as well as a number of photo bombing attempts and several more “can we please just be done with this” photos. Thankfully, Aunt Denise was VERY PATIENT with everyone.


We pulled into the driveway after 10:00 last night, Jeff and the kids immediately unloaded the car, and then, we all went our separate ways for an hour or so. Does your family do this after long periods of togetherness? It’s almost as if we all need that “alone” time to unwind and reset.

Perched on the couch, I caught up on email from a few clients, balanced the bank account and set my post-Christmas work schedule. I hope to accomplish as much as possible before Christmas Break ends and our homeschool Co-op classes kick back in. A girl’s gotta get paid after all!

I’m in the midst of wrapping a significant redesign for one client, and then I will begin a new design around January 7th. God willing, I may also have a February design in the works, though the client and I are still talking and praying about it together. OH! And I plan to write-up my newest design that went live a few weeks ago, Life is NOYOKE. You’ll hear more about Lenny’s site design later, but grasping Lenny’s vision and bringing it together for a blog that is as clean and efficient as his choices for healthy living was an exciting challenge.

A Babe

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” – Luke 2:11-14

Jesus Christ is Born

Merry CHRISTmas everyone! May it be full of peace, love and joy!

Heather Sanders


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