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January 2014



I sent the girls to Target…

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Target - Shower Caddies - check

Last night I sent the girls to Target with a list. In our town, Target is where we prefer to buy toiletries, and those miscellaneous (non-grocery) items, like dog food. We do have a Walmart, which on occasion is less expensive, but it’s also cramped, dirty, and the warehouse lights toss a creepy grey hue across every surface–not to mention the “hit or miss” poop bomb game we’re forced to play with the flock of blackbirds in the parking lot.

As a sidenote: one day I will do a cost-by-cost analysis of specific items I would purchase from Walmart and Target. This would put to rest the question of whether or not I’m being a poor steward of our family monies by choosing Target over Walmart on the basis of aesthetics, and aggressive birds alone.

As a sidenote to the sidenote: I wonder why the blackbirds aren’t at Target. Have they not found it? Does Target have some kind of blackbird forcefield? Are they scared of the big red concrete balls? I’m flummoxed.

This is getting waaaaaaay off topic; I’m sorry.

SO…the girls went to Target with a list. On the way out the door, Emelie let me know she’d text me if she had any questions.

True to her word, she did. The first text (photo above) came in swiftly, “$7 or $14?”

Did I mention she’s succinct? Also, Meredith was a surprise addition, but overall, I think she makes a decent stand-in for a shower head.

I chose the $14 shower caddy – check.

Target - Scrubbing Bubbles - check

Scrubbing Bubbles – check.

Target - Dog food - check.

Iam’s Dog & Cat Food – check, check.

Target - ummm, not sure.

Not quite sure, but funny.

Target - Exhausted from shopping?


There are no explanations - Target

Wait. What in the Sam Hill?

If they keep this up we may have no other choice but to shop at Walmart.

Target? I’m sorry; no, really–I am.

They took 2 1/2 hours to get 10 things. Next time I’m sending Jeff.

Heather Sanders


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