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March 2014



Homeschooling Year-round: The “Loose” Plan

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Homeschooling Year-round: The "Loose" Plan

I’m a planner. I live a scheduled, structured life. This suits Meredith and Kenny, who I’ll be homeschooling next year; Emelie graduates in May–well, she still has to finish up Algebra 2, but that’s another story I’ll blog on another occasion.

Two weeks ago I made the final decision not to teach in a homeschool co-op next school year. It was a difficult decision that I’ve wrestled with for a while–primarily because of the people I feared letting down, but since the decision was made I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of peace and excitement over our family’s homeschooling future. As a favor, if I ever mention starting or teaching in a co-op again, remind me of the challenges inherent in any homeschool co-op, thankyouverymuch.

Because I love the writing curriculum I’ve used and taught at co-op, I will continue using it at home, but our family was in dire need of some breathing room, and so, the only schedule we will follow this next year is our own year-round schedule.

Some of my family, friends, and others who have read my posts about progressing to a year-round homeschool have asked “What’s the Plan?” Up until this morning, I wasn’t certain myself, but after 20 minutes with a strong cup of coffee, a calendar and a pen, I now have a loose plan for a year-round, 36-week school schedule. I call it “loose” because it is subject to shifting to accommodate our lives, of course.

Plus, this schedule factors in our excruciatingly hot Texas summers. It simply doesn’t make sense to have the bulk of our “time off” in the Summer when no one wants to battle the heat, humidity and mosquitoes.

Basically, we’ll still have 36 weeks on and 16 off, but the breaks are divvied up differently.

  • We’ll take all of May off; that’s 4 weeks.
  • We’ll take from Thanksgiving to the New Year off; that’s 5 weeks.
  • The remaining 7 “off” weeks will be the last week of each month (except for January and April). We’ll also keep Spring Break flexible, ensuring Meredith and Kenny can hang-out with friends who are also out on Break.

This gives all of us the luxury of breaking between months while making room for my heavy work load weeks.

I’ll talk more about curriculum in May as I’m still sorting through those decisions. Thankfully, there is still plenty of time.

Now it’s your turn. Have you thought ahead to what you’ll do for 2014-2015, or am I alone in my planning insanity?


Heather Sanders


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