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April 2014



Whole30: Day 25 – Taxes and zoodles; not necessarily in that order.

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Whole30: Day 25 - Taxes and zoodles; not necessarily in that order.

One thing I have learned is that there is NEVER an opportune time to make a major lifestyle change; well, other than the present. I cannot tell you how many times I tried to plan a “diet” around weddings, reunions, graduations, vacations, field trips, holidays, or anything else.

Why bother?

Isn’t it obvious?

I didn’t want to “miss out” on all the good food that may be present at the event, and by “good” food, I mean “bad” food. Admittedly, I have the willpower of a 4-year-old trying to resist eating a marshmallow.

In the midst of my Whole30 journey, I have navigated going out to eat and a family reunion, buying chocolate and other sweet goodies for Meredith‘s birthday, packing a lunch for our homeschool co-op’s luncheon at Subway, and the living hell that is otherwise known as my business’ taxes.

I’ve done all of this without my standard comfort foods, and you know what? I’m okay. I am genuinely doing well and am very thankful I did not wait a single day longer than I did to do this.

If anyone reading is on the fence, let me urge you not to wait any longer. Yes, it is hard at the start; heck, I had a breakdown before I even had the opportunity to begin, but it gets easier. Expect bumps along the way, because detox is hard, but the roller coaster ride is worth the self-discovery and mini-celebrations.

The Zoodlemaker ARRIVED!

My zoodle love is firmly established now that the zoodlemaker, a.k.a. Spiral Vegetable Slicer, has arrived. Special thanks to my AH-MAAAAA-ZING parents, who just began their own Whole30 journey.

Because I’m flexible, and because zoodles now reign supreme on the menu, I switched up the menu to utilize this beautiful plastic beast for curling zucchini into infinity…and beyond!

Why am I daaaaaaays late posting? TAXES.

Holy mother of all adding machines, why do I fail to work-ahead throughout the year when it comes to keeping up with my business taxes?

Taxes - Expenses - Receipts

Sure, I store receipts inside individually marked monthly envelopes in the “RECEIPTS” box, but if I just totaled my income and expenses each month, it would take three hours to compute taxes at the year’s end.


On Saturday, Jeff and I worked from morning until after dark, only stopping to heat up leftovers for lunch and cook/eat dinner. Okay, that’s a lie. We stopped for a few other things too–to talk with my daddy when he stopped by, to go to the restroom, to get drink refills, to stretch, to yell at children (not really…that was today), to film a Zoodle demonstration, and to hug.

Hugging is important; especially on tax days when we’re a bit terse with each other. If we aren’t hugging, something is terribly wrong. Hugging is the barometer of our marriage; that and sex, but this blog is rated G, so we’ll leave that one alone.

Now, before I wrap up I want to take a bow for pushing through taxes without wine and chocolate. We did not order out pizza or go pick up Schlotzsky’s. We aren’t having a celebratory Mexican Food dinner when all of this is done. No, no, no.

Tonight we are eating leftovers, which may be spaghetti (with zoodles) or the tasty, curry-licious Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken recipe I made the other night (another Well Fed cook book success).

Finally? I’ve been asked to share some of my favorite recipes to date; so, I’ll do that tomorrow.

Back to taxes…

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