On Sabbatical

On Sabbatical

Life serves up a series of choices, and our decisions affect our quality of life — spiritually, mentally, relationally, emotionally and financially. Some choices are for the most part, benign; some are tantamount, but each choice leads to another, and another… it’s the process of building a life, a legacy.

In the process of faithsizing my life — striving to obediently and faithfully align my position and purpose before the Lord — I need to simply rest in Him. And for now, that means a break from personal blogging.

I will continue to post photos of our family and home on Instagram. And, until I return to blogging, if you’d like to receive the occasional email from me and are not already part of my email list, please subscribe here.

Heather Sanders

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  1. Heather Sanders says:

    Deborah – Yours was the first message I read after wrapping up my Advent reading and popping online to work. Thank you. What a precious gift you’ve given me this morning – the gift of encouragement. Blessings!

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