God Is with Us

Most days I work from 7 am — 4 pm, which is why mornings like this mean so much to me. I requested the day off — the eve of Christmas Eve, and set my alarm so I wouldn’t miss this early hour when the house and lake are at rest.

After my Advent devotion, I refill my coffee, slip on my Sloggers, grab a towel and my journal, and head to the water.

I breathe in the cold — it has been damp for days — patches of green mildew splotch the pier as evidence. Wiping off the rocking chair, I sit, lean back, close my eyes and listen.


Her Name is Nora

It’s been ten months since I began my blogging sabbatical, leaving the following message on my blog’s homepage for any of you who visited while I was away.

I’m thankful I took the break.

I needed it more than I realized I would.

Like many of you, I believe in an omniscient, loving God who goes before us, preparing our hearts and lives before we even know there’s a need for it.

And that belief brings me great comfort — but never more than this year — when our family embarked on an entirely new and unexpected faithsizing journey.


On Sabbatical

Life serves up a series of choices, and our decisions affect our quality of life — spiritually, mentally, relationally, emotionally and financially. Some choices are for the most part, benign; some are tantamount, but each choice leads to another, and another… it’s the process of building a life, a legacy.



January came and left without a peep from me; I know. The month brought equal amounts of joy and heartache. But we are still here. Still thankful. Choosing to smile and praising the Lord for the fullness of His grace.

I’ll write what I can when I can. Some things are simply not for me to write, and I’ve learned that’s okay too.

February is a new month.
I welcome it with open arms.


We Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

I spent most of today on the couch enjoying the Christmas gift given to me by my oldest child – a head cold. In her defense, Emelie also gave me a beautiful abstract watercolor she painted, so…I forgave her. 🙂 And as soon as I can garner the energy it takes to change from my pajamas and drive to Hobby Lobby, I plan to frame it. It is beautiful and perfect for me.