God Is with Us

Most days I work from 7 am — 4 pm, which is why mornings like this mean so much to me. I requested the day off — the eve of Christmas Eve, and set my alarm so I wouldn’t miss this early hour when the house and lake are at rest.

After my Advent devotion, I refill my coffee, slip on my Sloggers, grab a towel and my journal, and head to the water.

I breathe in the cold — it has been damp for days — patches of green mildew splotch the pier as evidence. Wiping off the rocking chair, I sit, lean back, close my eyes and listen.


A Heart of Surrender

Hello, dear friends.

I say “friends” because I truly believe if you continue to read post after post that you are, in many respects, my friends. Perhaps even brothers and sisters in Christ.

I entrust you with bits of my heart each time I publish, and those of you who share in the comments or emails bless me in return with yours.

It is a relationship.
Built on a trust.
Founded on a promise.
I’m thankful for it.


The Beauty is in the Waiting

With the weekend came more rain, but I welcomed it because it solidified my decision to turn the lovely bolt of black and white ticking I bought last September into curtain panels for my bedroom.

If you look back to last week’s post, you’ll see a photo of the sheer curtains that I temporarily hung in our bedroom until I set aside a time to sew the curtains I planned to have there all along.

For the sake of honesty, temporarily = one year and one month.


She can laugh at the days to come.

On Saturday, our town held its 41st Annual Fair on the Square. This year I went with my momma, who I knew would enjoy strolling up and down the streets looking at the various vendors’ booths as much as I would.

While we walked, we came across Junktion Alley, a booth with creative displays and unique jewelry.

But the jewelry isn’t what initially caught my attention.

It was the mannequin.