Her Name is Nora

It’s been ten months since I began my blogging sabbatical, leaving the following message on my blog’s homepage for any of you who visited while I was away.

I’m thankful I took the break.

I needed it more than I realized I would.

Like many of you, I believe in an omniscient, loving God who goes before us, preparing our hearts and lives before we even know there’s a need for it.

And that belief brings me great comfort — but never more than this year — when our family embarked on an entirely new and unexpected faithsizing journey.


We Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

I spent most of today on the couch enjoying the Christmas gift given to me by my oldest child – a head cold. In her defense, Emelie also gave me a beautiful abstract watercolor she painted, so…I forgave her. 🙂 And as soon as I can garner the energy it takes to change from my pajamas and drive to Hobby Lobby, I plan to frame it. It is beautiful and perfect for me.

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180 Days

Do you see this photo? There are five of us–ALL five.

Emelie is back with us.

The details are for Emelie to share if/when she wants, but I will say that God knows what He’s doing folks. He is the creator of family and knows better than anyone else what height, breadth, and depth it takes to sustain a family.

This girl? I love her.
We love her.
She loves us.

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Meredith’s “Clean Sweep”

We closed on the house on the afternoon of September 8th, and now we are unpacking and adjusting to our new digs. While I failed to update throughout the prep and moving process, the next few posts will document a portion of it for those who want “the rest of the story.”

Tip: I frequently upload photos to my Instagram account–even when I am unable to post here. If interested, follow me @morefromheather on Instagram.

While Kenny spent days breaking down his LEGO builds for our move to the lake house, Meredith did it in a day, or rather, a couple of hours. She had given it enough forethought to understand what was important to her and what wasn’t.

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Kenny’s “Clean Sweep”

The day we returned home from our mini-vacation, Kenny began the arduous process of disassembling about 45 or so (You think I’m joking, but I’m sooooo not.) LEGO creations. From his smaller scope builds to a few of the behemoth sets he purchased in the last couple of years, the boy had a healthy amount of work ahead of him.

Of course, before even starting, he selected a few builds that would remain intact for the move. I promised to help him transfer them to the back of the Suburban and then into the lake house where they will, at some point, be back on display.