Faithsizing, Health and Wellness

From the inside, out.

Tomorrow marks our one-year anniversary in our lake house.

The more I think about this anniversary, the clearer I see that making our lake house into a home isn’t much different than any other faithsizing journey any of us are on.

At a glance, the lake house appears as though little has changed:

  1. We still have not replaced the 60-year-old, single-paned windows that sweat or their sills that mold.
  2. We still only have insulation and 1/8″ plywood stapled to framing for a ceiling.
  3. We still have the same dark, wood plank walls that absorb all light that dares to try and enter the front room. And because the overhead electrical work is incomplete, we still function solely by lamplight when the sun goes down (or before it comes up).
  4. We still need new sheetrock, texture and trim in the bathroom around the shower-tub inset, not to mention the incomplete trim work and lifting linoleum.
  5. We still need to replace the preschool-sized toilet with its deep stains and seat held slightly askew by rusty bolts.
  6. We still need to tear out the cracked floor tiles posing as kitchen countertops, along with all the crumbling grout around it.
  7. We still need to patch the ridiculous number of gaping, unfixed holes we inherited in the lake house’s walls and closet ceilings.
  8. We still need to look into different air conditioning options, but for now our front unit smells like a sour blend of old man’s armpits and gym socks when first turned on.

From the look of this list, which is just a smidgeon of the growing number of things needing work, it doesn’t feel we’ve come far.

If I focus ONLY on the above — what’s left to accomplish (the end goal), it might be difficult to get excited about our year anniversary.

It might be difficult to believe we will ever reach our goals with this place.

It might be difficult to understand why we made the choice to buy this lake house.

Faithsizing, Health and Wellness

Surviving is not the same as living.

I do not want to talk about this photo, but it’s important.

Or at least, the experience that transpired moments after I took the photo.

But it’s embarrassing — and worse, limiting.

I’m not inclined to limit my life. If God wants to limit me, so be it, but when I do it to myself, it’s unacceptable and downright idiotic… sinful, even.

Who am I to put myself in a position where I cannot enjoy the life He gave me to its fullest?

Who am I to place limitations on what I can do so that it robs me of momentary delights but worse, could steal His glory if I continue down this path?

Who am I to apply any allowance for my pride so that I withhold the truth?

Health and Wellness

Heaven help me; I’m diving in.

It’s summer.

I took Meredith shopping for swimsuits yesterday and then, I realized I was going to have to do the same thing for myself.

Well, not actually; I could go another summer without getting in the pool, but the only reason I would do that is to avoid putting on a swimsuit, which is ridiculous.

Never finding much in the way of quality plus-size bathing suits in actual retail stores, I decided to forgo that particular line of torture and took my search to the internet instead — specifically, Land’s End’s Plus-size offerings where “high-tech function” apparently meets “high fashion”.

The photo slider promised I would be “Slimmer in Seconds”, and asked whether “A little tummy trimming help or all-over control” worked best for me.

Both, thankyouverymuch!

Health and Wellness

I’ve talked a lot about food lately.

Baked sweet potatoes, anyone?

I’ve talked a lot about food lately, and that is a positive thing; after all, this website is, which means it should encompass all of who I am–not just bits and pieces. Issues with food have consumed a good portion of my life. I am embarrassed to say my lack of discipline in this area affected more than just my health; I let it steal my joy and witness.

As a Christian, each day is part of the sanctification process where I attempt to set myself apart for a life that glorifies my Lord and Creator. Admittedly, I fail regularly, but God knew my strength would never be enough, which is why I am so very thankful He sent Jesus, who covered my sin by His righteousness.

Each person has their own physical and spiritual battles to face; mine was evident around age eight when I hid in the pantry, eating spoonfuls of powdered Nestle’s Quik.

That was my yesterday, but it is not my today, and it will not be my tomorrow.

Health and Wellness

Whole30: Day 30 – Looking back while moving forward.

I am now two weeks out of my Whole30 and have spent the last hour reading through each of the posts I wrote. From my first post where I wrote, “Heaven help me; it has begun” to likening the Whole30 to “the period of transition before giving birth”, I think it is fairly obvious that I was not entirely gung-ho about the idea. What I knew is that I did not want to stay where I was emotionally, mentally or physically. I wanted to make a life change that would stick.


Day three was my absolute worst. My body was in “full-on, mad-dog detox mode, and I was both figuratively and literally praying for the Whole30 promise that, ‘This, too, shall pass.’” That day proved to be both a physical and mental battle as I spent it rolled up in a ball with a heating pad while nursing my underlying anger.

The roller coaster ride was pretty intense in that first week. Just beyond the anger, came a grieving process. I could not imagine going through life without my favorite foods. I asked myself if it was worth it over and over.