Everything Else, Love and Marriage

A date with my mate.

Today was a busy day. It did not go as planned; in fact, several things went awry.

Early this morning, Meredith and I managed to get away from the orthodontist without a colored band on her left front tooth. Yes, it was obvious. No, we aren’t sure how we missed it. No, she didn’t eat, drink or chew off the band while sitting in the truck or standing in line at the post office.

Next up, was a visit to the post office so I could secure a P.O. Box for the move. We stood in line a ridiculous amount of time to get two keys that didn’t fit–back to the end of the line. While in line, I received a call from Kenny, who turned away an unscheduled termite inspector who showed up at the door. I stepped out of line, going outside to answer. I abhor when people speak loudly on their cell phones in line (you know who you are), and Kenny was home alone and sounded nervous. Then, I began a game of phone tag with my realtor and our buyer’s realtor to reschedule.

Rescheduling meant pushing back my lunch date with my momma, and let me tell you, I WAS NOT GOING TO MISS her Thai curry and the DVR’ed episode of Project Runway; it’s tradition, people.

Everything Else, Family, Love and Marriage


The other evening, Jeff sent me a text after a late afternoon of fishing at a nearby lake, “Want to cruise the lake for a few minutes? It’s nice out.”


Slowly trolling to the boat ramp so I could jump in, he gave me the opportunity to capture his silhouette against the setting sun. I also took a mental snapshot, one of many that I’ve stored in my mind over the years of Jeff.

Like the very first time I ever laid eyes on him–walking down the steps in a lecture hall at Texas A&M University–I’ll never forget it. Then, the brief moment where we held each other and settled our nerves before exchanging “I do’s” on our wedding day; it was perfect, and oh, so needed. And there are many more, like how he beamed with love and awe at each of our children the day of their births, or the first glimpse of him after two months of the Army’s Basic Training.

I tuck away these captures; they mean the world to me.

I praise The Lord for them–for him.

Love and Marriage

Their daddy, yes; but, he’s also my love.

The first man who made my heart sing wasn’t my husband — it was my daddy; but, that’s a good thing because his example served as the primary backdrop for the man I would eventually choose to love and marry, Jeff.

The kids call him “daddy”, and that’s because he captured their hearts as babies, and continues to prove his deep, abiding love for them over and over, day after day.

Everything Else, Love and Marriage

Here is proof we are growing old together.

It is 37 degrees outside. Jeff is on the back porch in an outfit combo that begged a better photograph, but this is what I managed to take, so you’ll just have to content yourself with this bad boy. And? Please know that the term “bad boy” refers strictly to the PHOTO because this grandpa get-up of his is unlikely to score any points with the ladies.

Love and Marriage

Good to go.

At this moment, I am looking out the window at the distant coastline and wondering why I failed (all these many years) to add a line-item in our family’s budget for overnight get-aways; to include early check-in, and late check-out, fees – of course.

Then, I remembered that the truck is at the mechanic awaiting a rebuilt transmission, and I still need to purchase the supplies for Meredith’s homeschool co-op Cake Decorating class; reality trumps fantasy.

Still, there was a time when a failed transmission necessitated an impromptu garage sale or at the least, pawning anything of value, but due to God’s grace, long work hours, and the financial rigor of the last three years, we have the funds available for the repair work on our vehicle.

My plan is to drink up this experience of bunking with my husband on his paid overnight work conference with the same fervor he forgave me for having a drippy nose, explosive sneezes and slurpy cough on our pseudo getaway.

Have I mentioned how sexy I am right now?