My Blogging Code of Ethics

Blogging Code of Ethics

This is my personal blogging code of ethics. Click here to view my Terms of Service, Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

I get to blog.

Blogging isn’t something I have to do; it’s something I want to do.

I consider it an honor, a blessing, and a great responsibility for you to read my blog, which is why I want to be entirely transparent about what you can expect from me each time you visit.

Christ is the Foundation

Christ is the foundation of every word on this blog. In the last few years, especially, the Lord has stretched and tried me and found me wanting.

In His love for me, He keeps refining me.

In my love for him, I keep striving.

It is a relationship.

While homeschooling and parenting will always be a part of my story, they are not what I’m writing about now.

It’s a new season of blogging for me.

Now, I write about how to faithsize your life: the choice we have as women to surrender and simplify our lives so we can find peace in the midst of what might otherwise just be panic. So we can find balance in the midst of all the busyness.

Monetizing Intentionally

For 16 years I have used my personal blogs as springboards for freelance work but never worked to monetize them. I’m changing that model.

I plan to make money from this blog but not by commercializing it and messing up the experience for you — or me, for that matter.

Here are the 5 Things I Commit to NOT Doing:

You are important to me.

Maintaining the atmosphere that brought and kept you here is huge to me. I plan to continue nurturing and respecting the community I’m blessed to have here and hope for continued growth.

That is why I make the following 5 promises to you:

#1. I will not accept outside advertisements on my site.

I chose this blog theme intentionally for the uncluttered way it displays across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The overall effect is soothing, and it makes me smile, so I don’t want the distraction of a sidebar full of commercial advertisements — or those that pop-up or slide-in.

When I’m reading a blog and a pop-up ad interrupts my reading, it is rare that I don’t click away immediately. In my opinion, that form of advertising is abrasive and rude.

You may see custom graphics I build and place at the base of my blog or within relevant posts or pages, but they will always be a product I’m reading, using or have used and can recommend.

#2. I will only partner with brands I use and make sense for this blog.

Every blogger with any amount of decent traffic gets inundated with offers for free product and brand sponsorship requests, including me.

But there are so few times when those brands match up with what I write about and even fewer times, are they something I’d personally want to use or recommend for you.

So, when I do allow for sponsored posts, I will clearly label it at the top of the post, and it will be a product or service that I use and enjoy.

#3. I will only link to affiliate products or services I have read, used or make sense for this blog.

Affiliate products and services receive the same treatment as sponsored posts.

Please know that the majority of affiliate products I promote were purchased by me with my hard-earned money. If I like something enough to purchase it, and still like it after I purchase it, I figure it’s good enough to recommend!

I will always label any post containing affiliate products or services at the top of the post, and I will always let you know if a product was given to me or if I purchased it.

#4. I will not accept guest contributors.

In the past, I received guest blogs from amazing contributors with strong voices that rang true and clear, but I noticed they simply weren’t received well.

And I can understand that because when I go to my favorite bloggers’ homes on the web, I want to hear their voices, not someone else’s.

Right here, right now I’m prayerfully writing posts and establishing a “voice” for this new season of my life.

#5. I will not buy followers or participate in blog growth schemes.

While this guideline primarily refers to my social media choices, it applies here too. True growth happens organically — one reader at a time.

I feel like squealing every single time I receive an email notifying me that a new person subscribed to my weekly newsletter.

I feel the same about comments. I want to build community with you. I want you to trust me and return because my writing meets a need you have. I’d rather have 100 of you than 1000 “I’ll follow you if you follow me” relationships.

Honesty and transparency are important to me.

I no longer write about every aspect of my family’s life — my kids are older now and have started building their own online presence.

I want to respect their right to that.

But if you have a personal question about me or my family, feel free to send me an email, and if appropriate, I will answer it.

Blessings, y’all!
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