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Heather Sanders
P.O. Box 8696
Huntsville, TX. 77340


Instagram is my social media of choice, which is why I have two accounts. While I post here weekly, I post there daily and would love you to follow me on both: morefromheather and faithsizing.


Feel free to leave your message in the comments on this page or any other post or page on the site, and I’ll receive, read and reply there.

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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Pat in Indy says:

    Hi, Heather!
    I just got caught up on the health issues facing your family! Bless your heart…I wondered where you were. Please know that even MORE prayers are being added to those from others. Sending hugs and love!

    1. Heather Sanders says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Pat. There is simply no greater power on earth! And yea, I do plan to blog on this, but it has been a bit of a ride, and we haven’t wrapped our minds around it yet.

  2. Helen Compton says:

    I am so thrilled that I found you. I can’t wait to snoop around some more. We are kinda on the same route you took . Four years ago God provided so we could downsize and minimize our lives. We were going a little nutty with the overspending. We have an 1140sq. ft. MCM house in Atlanta. 3 (13, 8, 6) kids all homeschooling too! And just started blogging.

    1. Heather Sanders says:

      Helen, please forgive my delayed response. I am thankful you found me. I was on sabbatical for a year and popped back in for a short time before my son ended up in and out of the hospital, so I have not blogged. But I will! I will be back – with a few changes. I’m excited to hear about your move. Wow! I hope you already enjoy blogging! Blessings!

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